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Welcome to JC's Group of Companies

JC’s Group of Companies has a diverse portfolio of businesses operated by CEO and Founder Jude Francis, operating in Canada and Sri Lanka. 

Born in the hospitality industry for Jude’s love of banquet hall operations and management, the group has had an ever-increasing size and scope of operations from JC’s Banquet and Convention Centre in Scarborough (Toronto) ON, Canada, to his newest project, a multi-million condo, banquet and commercial complex, Solace Jaffna, being built in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. .

JC’s Group of Companies and member titles place a premium on supporting community – whether it’s support for Toronto-area hospitals, or efforts on behalf of VAROD Canada, the company’s significant charity prtner, providing support to the differently abled in Canada and Sri Lanka. 

Working at JC's Group of Companies

The staff of JC’s Group of Companies are hard-working, dedicated with a philosophy of always putting the customer first. 

It feels like family when you join the JC”s staff – everyone looks out for each other and becomes part of a close-knit team. 

While COVID-19 has disrupted the need to hire staff, in good times we are always accepting resumes of those who want to join the team. Our job postings will be listed on the Resolute HR Management website.

We are passionate about serving the community

Helping Sri Lanka's Differently Abled

Find out more about VAROD”s contributions to Sri Lankan society here. www.varodcanada.ca

Supporting Scarborough Health

My name is Jude Francis, and my letter is R for Restaurant owner. But I think that R should really stand for resilient, because that is what businesses in Scarborough have had to be during the pandemic. Our restaurant, JC’s Banquet Hall, has served Scarborough for many years and we love that we have been able to help our community celebrate the special moments in their lives. To us, that is what supporting your community is all about.

Scarborough is home to over 600,000 people. People that have come from all over the world. The different ethnicities of Scarborough and the number of newcomers make it incredibly fascinating. Yet it has never lost that feeling of a small community because we all work together to make Scarborough better. That’s why I call it a little piece of heaven, and that’s why it’s so important that we support SHN. They take care of all of us. So, when we were given the opportunity to provide food for SHN frontline workers, we grabbed it.

But SHN and Scarborough deserve more than just food. We deserve facilities that match the quality of our medical staff. They have done so much, with so little, for so long. And we need to change that.